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Vijay Singh

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What happened to Vijay?

A few years ago, maybe even 2 years ago, he looked ready to dethrone Tiger for the role of the best golfer in the world. Ever since he has been less than impressive and hasn't put up too many great games. He had a good chance to win the Players Championship but faltered in the final round.

Is something wrong with him? Is he in a slump? Am I making too much of this?
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I never thought of Vijay to be anything besides an OK player. He hasnt really proved himself in my book and i think he is quite overrated.
I think Vijay is a pretty good golfer but I don't really think he is going to dethrone Tiger any time soon. Although he has always been one of the top ten I don't think that he has been "great". I think he was just on a hot streak when he was winning all of those events.
I think you guys are all wrong here.

Vijay is a top golfer who is second only to Tiger. So he had one bad what? So did Tiger and every other golfer at some point in their careers.

Who else has taken over the number one ranking in the world for any time during Tiger's reign? The answer is no one.

Give him some more time before you say he is on a slump...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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