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What is your set like?

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I am using a set of basically mix-and-match irons Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway and others.

I am also using a great Nike driver, that thing is incredible, although I am not sure whether it was worth the amount of money that I got it for although it was already used, White Hot putter and a usually using Nike balls.

What is your golf bag filled with?
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I currently have a worn out teal colored set of clubs I found at a flea market for $40. I only use them to practice drives in my backyard, because I would be mortified to actually take them onto a course. I usually rent when I play an actual game. I'll probably get my own new set of clubs in the next few months, though. :)
I have a really nice old set of Titleist clubs that were my fathers. They work great. I might end up getting a new set, maybe even some fitted clubs if I want to go all out and really spend some money. I just don't know if I wanna drop a grand on clubs.

Any suggestions on what I should do?
I have been playing with a custom knock off set for ten years with no problem except i have worn the grooves on some of them so i dont get the spin on some of my short irons i use to so i will probably buy a name brand this time around simply because i have gotten better and know i will continue to play but i will demo them first before i put down a chunk of change on new ones .
Callaway Big Bertha.
Cleveland 588 RTG lob wedge.
White Hot 2 Ball putter.
Maxfli Noodle balls.
Pro-Tech Mega
1- 310cc Driver
1- 450cc Penn Driver (bought separately) :dunno:
3-PW Irons

By the exception of the Penn driver, everything else came in a set
Ping G5 Speeder 757 Shaft
Callaway Steelhead III 3 wood Fuji Stiff
Cleveland Launcher 17* 4 Wood Fuji Stiff
Nike CPR 18* Hybrid (believe it or not BEST CLUB I OWN)
Cleveland Launcher irons Stiff
Nike SV wedge
Cleveland Classics IV Putter
Srixon Soft Feel balls
I'm using Callaway Big Bertha woods, and Callaway 18x irons. They all have regular flex graphite shafts. I just got them about a month ago and like them enough, but I find that for some reason the 4 and 8 irons are a little more whippy than the rest of the clubs. I have never owned graphite shafted clubs before, is there supposed to be a little difference between clubs or am I just paranoid.
See the sig

Fujikura stiff shaft on the driver, S300 steel shafts on the irons :)
check sig...thats what i have in the bag now but i have odd clubs laying around the house
I currently have a mixed bag of Callaway and Taylor equipment with a variety of putters that move in and out like nightly guests at a road side Holiday Inn.

I've been looking for a set of Callaway X-16 Pro irons and just found them tonight. I'm going to build my second set around them and if I like them better, they will become set #1. My current irons are a set of Taylor R540XD's and they feel pretty good, but I'm looking for a little more tech help for my aging golf game.
Hmmmmm... I think my set is more like <<<<<<<<<<< than vvvvvvvvvvvv

I received the Callaway X-16 Pro irons and if the weather is good, I'm trying them for the first time tomorrow. Just chipping around the back yard, I can't tell anything, but they look good and since I'm partial to Callaway clubs, I suspect they will work out for me. Watch for a change in my signature if it happens.
Driver- Callaway FT-3 Fusion w/ Draw Bias, and Aloila NVS shaft
Fairway Woods- FT-3 Fusion 5 wood w/ Aloila NVS shaft, ERC Fusion 3 wood
Iron- (4-PW) X-14 Pro Series w/ rifle shafts
Wedges- Ram SW, Titlest Lob Wedge, and occasionally a foot wedge:laugh:
Putter- DFX Two Ball Blade
Ball- Callaway HX-Tour (56)

King Cobra 400SZ 9.0* Regular Flex

Adams Tight Lies GT 15* degree Smart 3Wood

Adams Tight Lies GT 19* Strong 5Wood

Adams Idea A1 Hybrid 3-PW (True Temper steel shaft)

Adams Tom Watson Series 56* SW (steel shaft)

Cleveland Tour Action Reg. 588 64* LW (steel shaft)

Odyssey Dual Force Rossie Blade Putter

Ogio Edge STYLE 612506 Black Stand bag
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TaylorMade R540Xd driver- definitley time for upgrade
TaylorMade V-steel 3 wood always in bag
TaylorMade V-steel 5 wood i put it in the bag depending on the course
TaylorMade Rac Os2 irons 3-pw
TaylorMade rac black 55* sw
TaylorMade Rac black 58* lob wedge
Cleveland classics putter(in a couple weeks im getting the odyssey srt putter or a scotty)
Orlimar stand bag
Titleist pro v1 golf balls(i might try out the taylorMade balls)
footjoy glove
FootJoy e-confort shoes
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It's 3 weeks later and I'm still messing around between three sets of irons.

The Callaway X-16's are OK, but a bit of a disappointment after hitting an acquaintance's and liking them so much. Regardless that they give me back good distance and appear to have virtually no offset of consequence, I have a lot of trouble fading them at will. It's almost as if the technology is TOO good and keeps me from it.

The Taylormade r540XD irons are a good set with incredible soft feel and I'm dying to love them, but being a store line, I suspect they are inconsistantly lofted and I'm in touch with someone who will check them and who SAYS he can bend them a bit even though they are cast. If there was ever a love affair with the cosmetics of a club, it's with these irons.

Then there's the Taylormade rac-LT2 set... I got these after trying a loaner set and they might be the best comnination of length and control going either left or right with them, but they don't feel near as good as the cheap r540XD set.

This is about like guitar shopping, a subject about which I know a great deal. I can spend a year looking at the same model over and over until one particular musical grouping of wood talks to me. My golf clubs have always been like that with me too. Eventually it will all come together, but since I'm on a diet and my swing is probably changing as my body does, I'm not taking much of this too seriously until I get back down to around 260... (I'm at 285 right now.)
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